photos posted with permission

Indie Studios is the home of various artists and aspires to become a local artisan workshop providing space for artist to let loose and create.


Our Mission

To promote and inspire the imagination, to provide an outlet for individuals and groups to express themselves, and provide a space for creativity.

If they took away my paints I’d use pastels. If they took away my pastels I’d use crayons. If they took away my crayons I’d use pencils. If they stripped me naked and threw me in prison I’d spit on my finger and paint on the walls.
— Pablo Picasso, Artisit

What We've Achieved

  • A place has been found and we hope to open our doors to the public August 2017
  • We have set up our tables.. 
  • Received promo items...
  • Just about ready...
  •  We did it!!!! Opened August 5, 2017. Hours are Fri-Sat 12pm-8pm and Sun 1pm-6pm. Family run and operated.